Cloud Employee Powers Over 500+ Companies Globally

Our Story

In 2010, entrepreneur brothers Seb and Jack Hall set out on an adventure with remote engineering teams. They quickly learned that the secret to achieving exceptional outcomes lay in investing in their team members and embracing a holistic approach to remote work.

While remote work offers huge opportunities, it's not without its challenges. The market offers numerous options for hiring remote developers, yet many often come with significant costs and a lack of quality assurance and security.

Having gone through the learning curve of building remote teams in the Philippines, Cloud Employee’s model was built around their own experience and playbooks.


Our Leadership

Cloud Employee thrives under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest software engineering and HR executives in the business.

Seb Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Charters

Commercial Director

Jake Hall

Chief Product Officer

Des Mathewman

Chief Technology Officer

Anto Cabraja

Chief Innovation Officer

Grace Ipanga

Director of Client Services

AJ Develos

Head of Talent

Heidi Dela Cruz

HR Officer

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