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Hire full-time individuals or teams and retain them long-term.
Expert CTO led vetting with a holistic focus on scaling and nurturing staff.

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Upload a job advert or simply enter your skill-set requirements and our Talent Matching Process can begin.

30 minute Talent Matching Call

Engage in a 30-minute consultation with a US -based Talent Manager and CTO.

Our Discovery Process goes deep into your company, product, technical requirements and culture to ensure we find you the perfect match.

Curated Candidate Shortlist

Receive a deeply vetted selection of candidates within 3 - 5 days.

Our expert matching process saves you hours and ensures you interview only the best fits.

Start working together

Your developer(s) report daily and directly 8am US time as full-time extension members of your team on rolling US contracts.

You guide them on the work, we'll handle everything else.

No one-off recruitment fees. Fixed USD $ contracts - Payroll, HR, L&D, Community, Equipment, Offices all included.

2 weeks Trial - Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Financial & Legal Security

Liability insurance up to $10m
Rates fixed in your local currency
Easy local contracts and invoicing
Local compliance - payroll, benefits, taxes.

"Working with Cloud Employee since 2022 has been a transformative experience for us. Their responsive support, seamless integration of team members, and efficient handling of all HR aspects have significantly enhanced our project delivery capabilities."

Alison Whittle
IT Manager - IFullFillment

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Player Development

Improvement of workplace efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale.


CTO Discovery Process

The process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team.