Let us answer the big questions

Are you like Freelancer site? Do employees work from their homes?

I haven’t heard of you before, but was recommended to speak with you?

How long have you been in business?

Can I visit your offices and meet my Cloud Employee(s)?

Cloud Employee offers two models

What do your services include?

I want to use your service, how do I get started?

I have a unique requirement, will you have the skill set?

Since the employee is an extension of my company, do I need to worry about Payroll Taxes and HR issues?

What is a Dedicated Cloud Employee?

Which Skill Sets can you provide?

How many Cloud Employees are working at Cloudemployee.co.uk?

Are all Cloud Employees proficient in English?

Can Cloud Employee provide me with highly skilled and technical employees?

I require an employee who needs to be able to speak directly with my clients. Will accents be a problem?

Will I be employing the Cloud Employee or will you employ them?

Can I set tests for the interview process and watch them being taken live?

Can I have a trial to see if I can work with my new Cloud employee?

Can I take a part-time employee?

Ok, I want to hire an employee what do I do next?

I want to hire more than one Cloud Employee, can I do that?

I have chosen the Cloud Employee that I want. What do I do next?

How soon can my employee start working for me?

How quickly can I terminate Cloud Employee’s services?

I want to hire a big team do you have the infrastructure to do that?

How quickly can you scale?

How many offices does Cloud Employee have?

What kind of software and hardware do you provide in Cloud Employee?

I require my employee to be provided with additional hardware and software, is that possible?

How does pricing work?

What are billing terms?

What are the methods of payment?

How much does Cloud Employee charge per Developer on average?

What is Cloud Employee’s ‘Notice Period‘?

How do I communicate with a Cloud Employee?

Is it possible to have a free trial?

How does Cloud Employee monitor my developer’s work output?

What happens if I am not satisfied with my Cloud Employee?

Can I visit my Cloud Employee at your offices in the Philippines?

Can my employee come to the UK or other international destinations for team building or conferences?

How many Cloud Employees can I have in your offices?

Can I see example work of my Cloud Employee options?

What hours of the day will my Cloud Employee work?

How do I know my sensitive and confidential data information is protected?

How can I be sure that my information is not shared with other companies when the developer has access to some of my critical data and information and is located outside of my office?