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As a UK-managed global offshore company, Cloud Employee connects startups and businesses from the UK, and across the globe to the best developers in the Philippines. We provide companies struggling to hire developers locally access a large pool of developers without the hassle and high costs.

Outside of recruitment and providing an ideal office space, Cloud Employee values our partners and makes an effort to establish good long-lasting professional relationships. With our client-oriented business model, be assured that we will support you in every step of the way.

Among our countless partners is Simon from Motorpilot Ltd who has been with us for almost two years and counting. Read his satisfied experience with us below.

“On hearing about Cloud Employee shortly after their inception, I followed the company knowing that in the future that hiring remote developers was something we were interested in looking at. Right from the beginning the support from Cloud was great, from getting job ads out there, filtering CVs and facilitation the interviews. Since we hired Aleks nearly a year ago he has been an asset to the team and the ongoing support to both him and us has been great. We're yet to be able to visit the offices but from what Aleks tells us it's a really nice environment to be working in and there are some great perks! We're looking forward to the point where we are ready for our next hire!”

Simon Lewis, Technical Director, Motorpilot Ltd


More Clients Reviews

"Patrick is getting on really well. We gave him a project to work on for our parent company and already and Busted 6 tickets already in the space of a week considering that the project is a bit tricky as it’s a new system were building. He asks questions which I really admire about him and understands all of the requirements and tasks."

Ben Hastings


"I’m very pleased with Emerlito. I understand that the tasks given is quite difficult as he is not used to the environment, but he is persistent to learn and it’s working well for Abacus. He is also contributing quite an idea to achieve the completion of the projects given to him."

Matt Rogerson


"Neil has greatly helped us to progress two major PHP-based projects - one involving a web-based app and an API and the other involving a web-based app. He diligently completes requested work, and makes suggestions on how to solve specific code-related problems. As well has having a solid PHP skillset, he is capable with frontend changes and JavaScript as needed. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."

Matt Skeggs