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Cloud Employee’s mission is to bridge the gap between our clients and the top developers from the Philippines. Aside from helping startups find their ideal dedicated developer, we pride ourselves on establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with our partners.

Prioritizing our client’s satisfaction, Cloud Employee strives to improve our customer service and working relationship with clients aside from offering quality work. To encourage these relationship, we often ask for feedback and discuss needed improvements.

Pear Digital, who had been a charm to work with, has given their satisfactory experience with us. Here’s what Pear Digital has to say about Cloud Employee.

“From the very start, the quality of service we've received from Cloud Employee is second to none. Two weeks down the line we now have a great relationship with a senior developer. The speed and quality of the work are outstanding and as a small business having the option to upscale with minimal risk has put us in a great position to take on more business.”

Niki Gattrell, Director, Pear Digital


More Clients Reviews

"Patrick is getting on really well. We gave him a project to work on for our parent company and already and Busted 6 tickets already in the space of a week considering that the project is a bit tricky as it’s a new system were building. He asks questions which I really admire about him and understands all of the requirements and tasks."

Ben Hastings


"I’m very pleased with Emerlito. I understand that the tasks given is quite difficult as he is not used to the environment, but he is persistent to learn and it’s working well for Abacus. He is also contributing quite an idea to achieve the completion of the projects given to him."

Matt Rogerson


"Neil has greatly helped us to progress two major PHP-based projects - one involving a web-based app and an API and the other involving a web-based app. He diligently completes requested work, and makes suggestions on how to solve specific code-related problems. As well has having a solid PHP skillset, he is capable with frontend changes and JavaScript as needed. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."

Matt Skeggs