Remote Developers: Industries That Benefit

February 16, 2024

With software powering today’s modern world, businesses across industries require tech talent. However, the demand far outstrips the supply giving rise to worldwide tech skills shortage. Yet if the scarcity of tech knowhow is a problem, tech also is part of the solution. Increasingly fast internet speed and advanced communication tools have contributed to the rise of remote work.

More and more companies are exploring remote work, with IT outsourcing as one of the easiest and reliable options, when it comes to their development needs. The use of project management and productivity tools now make it easier to collaborate with top tech talent wherever they are in the world. Couple this with significant benefits of IT outsourcing -- many companies across industries choose offshore development to grow their business.

We’ve rounded up a list of industries that immensely benefit from hiring remote developers, and yours may be one of these.

Gaming and Mobile Apps

If you run a game production house, then building a stable of talented game developers is crucial. Hiring remote game developers is definitely a big help, especially if you have plenty of backlog. Same goes as well for startups. Getting remote mobile app developers to expedite the development of your app can help you focus on raising funds for your startup.

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Web Design and Development

Web design and development studios typically have small in-house team. Hiring offshore web developers is thus more cost-effective and practical. Developers who are skilled in building websites using CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore are in demand. Web consultancy firms are also on the lookout for developers who have experience in working with e-commerce platforms.

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Software Development

Software development houses are no stranger to working with offshore developers. If they can’t find the right candidate within the local hiring pool, they can work with a remote developer who has the right experience and expertise. Software companies that provide SaaS platforms, specialise in developing open source solutions, or sell ERP or CRM systems are in the market for developers with strong experience in systems and bespoke apps development.

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Market Research

The global market research industry produces $45 billion in revenue each year. A good target for software companies that specialise in developing market research tools. These companies are hiring for developers who are good in building web apps that can process and handle a lot of data.

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Data Services

Similar to market research, companies in the data services industry are in need of developers who love working with data. Some of the services include data scraping, data mining, data cleansing, and data analysis. Developers who have experience working in data warehouses would be in demand in these companies.

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Creative and Design Services

Design studios who specialise in providing creative services not only in the graphic arts also delve into web design, with emphasis on user experience and user interface. As such they are on the lookout for front-end developers, skilled in UI/UX and with a good eye for design.

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Marketing and Advertising Services

Companies that offer brand and online marketing services sometimes have their own advertising platforms or offer custom made web apps for marketing purposes. Developers who are an old hand in building web apps in established tech stack are particularly in demand for this industry.

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Similar to companies who offer marketing and advertising services, businesses in the media space hire developers who work in cutting-edge tech. JavaScript developers who are well-versed with the new frameworks and back-end stack like Node.js are usually hired by media tech firms.

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Online Learning

As tech has invaded education, companies that provide online learning services are on the rise. E-learning firms are actively looking for developers who are experienced with building learning management systems.

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Real Estate

An industry that’s ripe for disruption. Real estate is swimming with startups and giant companies like Google and Apple buying startups in the smart home tech and IoT.  Developers working in established tech stacks usually find themselves pretty much in demand in this industry.

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Hotels and those in the hospitality industry now find themselves competing with businesses that are not exactly in the same space but using the tech ecosystem of the industry. For instance, the entertainment systems built right into the hotel experience. As such they are in need of full stack developers who also have a strong background in networking tech.

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Like real estate, the healthcare industry is waiting for killer startups. Since it’s a huge field that’s ripe for innovation, up and coming tech as well as the good old ones are on equal footing to conquer this industry. Developers who are handy with general programming languages as well as the emergent ones would find themselves very much welcome.

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