5 reasons to hire a mobile app developer offshore

February 16, 2024

With most consumers relying on their mobile phones for convenience, many businesses are launching their own mobile applications to expand their service and reach more audience. Developing a mobile app is an important business strategy that requires a certain amount of business dynamism. Looking to build an app soon? Here are reasons to hire a mobile app developer offshore.

Cut down on operation costs

Did you know that outsourcing your mobile development can save you up to 65% while maintaining quality service and results? Due to the lower costs of living and no infrastructure and recruitment fees, most outsourcing destinations offer cheaper cost alternatives for mobile app development. Despite the low costs, rest assured your outsourcing provider keeps their software, equipment, and facilities up-to-date so your offshore mobile app developer can work effectively.

Streamline your workflow

Having an outsourcing partner means sharing the workload of creating and running your mobile app. Not only will you have an expert to take care of your mobile app development, but you will also save your business from too much workload which can lead to inefficient work allocation and production.

As you expand your business, avoid affecting your team’s productivity by hiring enough resources. Outsourcing your mobile development is an efficient and cost-effective solution to better manage and grow your company.

Take advantage of flexible short-term commitment

Hiring offshore is the perfect option for companies who need to get the job done without hiring someone full-time. Only through outsourcing can you find mobile app developers who are readily available and flexible for the duration of your project. You can also easily grow or scale down your team whenever necessary, making it a risk-free commitment.

Choose from a wide range of experts

Outsourcing your tech talents gives you an opportunity to select from a larger group of developers specialising in different technologies. In the Philippines alone, there are over 130,000 IT graduates yearly as compared to the UK with only 25,000 tech graduates per year. The chances of finding readily-available skilled developers are higher and significantly more affordable as compared to hiring locally.

Another advantage you get when you hire a mobile app developer offshore is you gain an industry-trained developer who is already experienced in the field and adept at handling international clients. This reduces room for error and miscommunication between the client and the offshore mobile app developer, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Be safe and secure

There is a common misconception that outsourcing providers are prone to data breaches. In reality, most outsourcing providers are actually experts who follow standard cybersecurity protocols and are equipped with securing data. An outsourcing provider ensures that no form of data will be leaked when you outsource your mobile app development.

To fully gain the benefits of outsourcing, finding the right dedicated offshore provider is a key factor to a successful outsourcing experience. Be sure what to look for with your outsourcing partner, so you can avoid common mistakes when hiring developers.