7 Reasons to Hire Laravel Developers for eCommerce

February 16, 2024

The ever-changing market and the developments in IT are not easy to keep up with, especially if your team lacks the fundamental skills, expertise, and experience in tech. One excellent strategy businesses employ to address this is to build a capable tech team and hire Laravel developers.

Laravel is just one of the many PHP frameworks which are used to develop web applications, e-commerce solutions, and other projects quickly. Other PHP frameworks are Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Yii, and more; but among all of these, Laravel is considered by companies and developers to be the best choice for developing enterprise-scale applications and solutions.

With its features and solutions, an advanced and robust framework like Laravel enables both companies and developers to deal with the changing needs of the economy and their market.

There are several advantages of using Laravel over other CMS (content management system) platforms when it comes to eCommerce development:

High scalability

Scalability is among the essential factors to consider when choosing a technology to build an eCommerce store with. You have to take into consideration the fact that, from time to time, you will be regularly adding new products, inventories, and other elements to your online store; you also have to be aware of the fact that there will always be new eCommerce trends and developments to keep up with.

Another aspect to look out for is the increase in customer base. Being open to growth and other possibilities in the future, you’d want a fully-functional eCommerce store which can handle thousands of users simultaneously.

All these demands require scalability throughout the eCommerce development process—something that Laravel is very capable of doing. Laravel enables business owners to customise their online store at any level to meet their needs.

Independent operation

E-stores which have been built on popular platforms are often affected by the platforms’ system updates. This often creates unwanted changes and wrecks the online store’s code—a problem e-store owners commonly face. This is especially true with out-of-the-box systems offering quick eCommerce solutions.

The good thing is that, with Laravel, online store owners don’t have to worry about unnecessary updates that can damage their site’s performance as Laravel is an independent solution. Websites built with it become a separate entity.

Easy Development with Laravel Shopping Cart Management

Having a robust digital shopping cart is crucial for eCommerce websites to help users facilitate their buying decisions, drive revenue, and most importantly, win the customers’ credibility by ensuring smooth customer experience.

Laravel has an inbuilt eCommerce package to make managing web stores and shopping carts easy. The main code comes with basic functionalities of carts, products, inventories, pricing, payment gateways, and other services.

With this feature, business owners and developers have all the help they need to design their own workflows easily and, consequently, manage their existing shopping cart systems and make room for future operations with ease.

Omnichannel Support

Another great reason to use Laravel to build your online store is that it provides you with a rich omnichannel eCommerce experience. To simply put it, Laravel guides you to follow a practical multi-channel sales approach which will give your customers a hassle-free and integrated experience.

With Laravel, you can integrate your physical and digital stores (in terms of online inventories, point-of-sale systems, to name a few) while reducing the coding time and effort. Moreover, the framework has eCommerce packages that serve as a starting point from which Laravel developers can start to build an advanced omnichannel eCommerce platform. This feature effectively streamlines the whole eCommerce development process.

Open-source and with a big community

Laravel is an open-source framework; add to that the fact that it has a big community of developers who continually contribute to improve the framework and make it more flexible and scalable.

With the help of these two factors, Laravel developers can easily add complex functionalities you may require them to in your online store. The Laravel community has plenty of resources as well as expert advice to help all eCommerce developers of all levels add in features as well as solve issues and bugs.  

With all of these said, Laravel is indeed a powerful tool for businesses in the eCommerce industry. However, you can’t expect to build a dynamic and high-performance online store on your own and without the help of professional developers.

Why should you hire expert Laravel developers? Let’s take a look at the best reasons having Laravel professionals in your team help boost your online store:

#1: Get impressive results

Laravel experts can utilise PHP’s simplicity and expressiveness to describe and define various aspects of your eCommerce site adequately. When you hire Laravel experts, you know you’re working with a professional equipped with years of experience in developing eCommerce applications and websites, and in customising them using the Laravel framework.

Ideally, Laravel developers also have experience and knowledge about cache, hashing, helpers, billing, artisan console, package development, queues, and more to create flawless, feature-packed, and dynamic eCommerce applications.

#2: Protect your business

With the developments in tech comes the rise of cyber attacks as well. As an online store owner, you must put cybersecurity a top priority to protect both your customers and your business.

This is where hiring skilled Laravel developers come in handy. Laravel experts will be able to leverage the functionalities and components of the framework to provide high-class security that will safeguard your eCommerce site.

Also, the framework itself is a secured framework. This means that the code you create with Laravel is safe and secure, and your web app or website is protected from any unintended and hidden SQL injections, security threats, or other malware activities.

#3: Build high-performing websites

There will be instances where the features or functionalities you want to be added to your online store slows down the overall performance and responsiveness of your eCommerce site. This is another strong reason to hire developers and bring in technical expertise to your team.

With their skills and prior experience, expert Laravel developers are capable of helping you build feature-rich websites without sacrificing its performance.

These developers are well-versed in a wide variety of tools that can be used to help boost the performance of your online store. These tools (Memcached, Redis, to name a few) can be integrated within the Laravel framework to improve not only the web site’s performance but also the developers’ efficiency.

#4: Develop powerful authentication

In our increasingly digital and online world, authentication and authorisation are critical areas that businesses and organisations must pay attention to. Especially in eCommerce, there must be robust and effective authentication and authorisation systems in place to keep the transactions safe and risk-free.

As an online store owner, you must always remember that your customers want to know who they’re dealing with and that the transaction they will enter is safe.

If there is something with the purchase they are not confident about, they most likely won’t proceed with it.

Developing authentication and authorisation for web apps can be challenging. However, expert Laravel developers will be able to leverage the functionalities of Laravel to create a solid logic behind providing access to authorised users.

#5: Build future-ready websites

As we discussed earlier, scalability and flexibility are crucial when it comes to developing an eCommerce site. Aside from having to keep up with a growing customer base, business owners must always be ready to spot new tech trends and adapt accordingly to stay competitive.

As you focus on the business side of things, your Laravel developer will be able to help you deliver these business requirements on the tech side. Expert Laravel developers stay up-to-date with the latest developments and innovations in tech, enabling them to bring into the table amazing features that grow, modernise, and expand your online store.

#6: Develop multilingual sites fast

If you are aiming to expand your business’ reach across different countries (especially to those with different languages) choosing Laravel as your platform and hiring Laravel developers may be the right move to make.

There are many ways to create multilingual apps and websites, such as utilising third-party packages or building it from scratch with the help of Laravel localisation. An expert Laravel developer will be able to adopt the appropriate method that answers your needs and requirements best; ultimately, this developer will be able to help you quickly create web applications or sites for different languages.

#7: Launch your eCommerce site in a short amount of time

As a business, you have to compete with millions of other sellers out there. To avoid being left out by the competition, it’s critical that you build a dynamic, responsive, and secure online store in the soonest possible time.

With Laravel developers in your team, you will be able to speed up your eCommerce website development; you can make it live much sooner compared to using other frameworks.

Expert Laravel developers will be able to code a more sustainable code in a shorter amount of time. They can maximise inbuilt commands other related tools and technologies to avoid performing repetitive and complex tasks. Their expertise and experience working with the framework have made them well-versed in many available tools, libraries, and commands that will make it easier for them to build modern, secure, and real-time web apps and sites for your business.