8 Qualities To Look For When Hiring Python Developers

February 16, 2024

According to the 2017 IEEE Spectrum ranking, Python is the best programming language for web and mobile applications. It is also the second most popular programming language due to its simplicity and flexibility. Despite having tons of Python developers available, competition to hire the best ones among companies is fierce. To get the best out of the bunch, here are qualities you should look for when hiring Python developers.

Specialised skills and understanding of Python

This is an obvious quality to look for, but how can you tell if your candidate is actually experienced in Python? A good Python developer must be able to showcase a fundamental understanding of Pythons concepts, syntax and semantics, and should specialise in one or more frameworks, preferably one that you use.

It is also important to note that getting an experienced Python developer is the best choice for your company. While generalists are great because of their diverse skill sets, someone who specialises in Python and in its frameworks is someone who is already fast, knowledgeable and experienced with the language.

When hiring Python developers, don’t just settle for someone who knows the basics. Find someone who can give you more than what you require.

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Good analytical and problem-solving skills

Despite being regarded as a simple tech language, Python developers actually tackle complex and unique challenges. As with any developer, your ideal Python developer should be able to look at a problem as a whole or be able to break a problem into smaller parts in order to solve it. Look for someone who has a good sense of data analysis, abstract reasoning, and logical thinking to be able to solve day-to-day and complicated problems.

Strong communication skills

As with any developer, the need to clearly communicate ideas and instructions to others is a must. Look for someone who has strong oral and written communication skills. Good communication within your team allows for a dynamic and seamless teamwork that can move your project forward.

If you’re also looking for a team lead, consider putting communication skills at your highest priority. A good communicator is not only someone who is good with words but also someone who can convince and motivate a team.

Good project management

Even though your Python developer will have his or her project manager, it is an advantage if he or she can do basic project management. This means your developer should know how to manage time, prioritise and organise tasks, and even control costs if necessary. A Python developer with good project management skills allows you to create good timelines for projects, and maximise resources while maintaining the quality of your output.

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Highly adaptable

Developers face an ever-changing environment where they need to do sudden bug fixes and troubleshoot, collaborate with others, and keep up-to-date with the latest technology. When hiring Python developers, keep an eye on their ability to learn quickly, take note of their capability to work well with a team or independently, and to react fast to a new situation or problem and be able to act on it quickly.

Up-to-date knowledge

With all the version updates and new software available, your ideal Python developer should always be in the know of the latest tech news.

Many great Python developers spend their time reading the latest tech advancements, studying the latest software versions, sharing their ideas on online communities, and even expanding their knowledge to other programming languages just to keep them abreast of the latest tech innovations. These actions show a developer’s passion and eagerness to learn which are also qualities you should keep an eye on.

Ask your candidate about the latest developments in Python and the software he or she uses. If the candidate is well-updated, he or she should be able to tell the latest versions and explain what the latest updates are.

Highly inquisitive mind

When hiring Python developers, look for someone who asks about the details of a project, someone who wants to understand the reason behind processes, and someone who asks the what-ifs to challenge the existing process or to create something new.

A curious mind shows a person’s thinking ability and eagerness to learn. To create innovative products, your Python developer must be able to ask questions you would likely not think of, and find the answers to solve it.


While programming is often seen as mathematical and analytical, it actually uses a lot of creative thinking. In terms of programming, creativity can be seen as the ability to solve a problem by looking at it from a different angle. In addition, if you think about it, developers are creating something out of an abstract idea or solution. That in itself is already creativity.

When hiring Python developers, do consider placing importance on your candidate’s level of creative thinking. The ability to think outside the box is key to creating unique products and services.

Just remember this simple equation: Technology + Creativity = Innovation