Are Developers Shaving Years Off Your Life?

February 16, 2024

Being able to start up a business is great. Well, that's until the challenging aspect starts to creep in—one of which is managing the business. If you happen to be in the software development niche, keeping your tech business afloat requires some great talent to handle the operation.

Let’s say you have already taken the in-house team route; you may have started experiencing some of the common challenges associated with finding the right talent to paying full-time salary, training, and ultimately ensuring synergy towards goals. The pressure of managing an in-house team can be overwhelming.

You don't have to allow the stress of managing an in-house development team shave years off your life; it's high time you brought in an offshore team. With that said, we’re here to offer you seven top reasons to hire an offshore team of software developers.

The cost of running an in-house team is high

If there's only one reason to adopt an offshore team’s services, it's the money you will save. A team of in-house developers takes time and money to assemble. Not only will you have to scramble to find talent the first time, but you might also have to go through the same stress to hire another when they leave.

Offshore talent and firms are usually in competition, so the price of hiring is generally on the low side. What's more, you'll completely circumvent the facilities needed to keep a team, such as computers and other high-tech resources.

Less stress of team management

Managing a team of software developers doesn't just start and end with hiring. That's even if you get the right talent on time. Getting the type of results you need means you have to coordinate both the people and the process. It's one thing to coordinate people towards a specific goal; it's a different ball game understanding the job's technical aspect.

If you lack either, you may have to hire extra talent to assist with team management. However, with an offshore team, there's less stress altogether. Ensuring productivity by eliminating downtime may no longer be your direct responsibility. With the help of a premium offshore agency, you’ll find the right talent in not time. It's like walking into a shop to pick the candy you want.

Also, with a dedicated project manager,  you probably won't need to interphase with the software engineers directly. The responsibility lies on him/her to oversee and ensure prompt delivery.

Your project requires long hours to hit the needs on the timeline

One unexpected disadvantage of using an in-house team is that you and your team exist in the same time zone. Well, that's not supposed to be a bad thing; it's just that when you are sleeping, they are resting as well. This means the workflow management is not always optimum, dauntless you have a great workflow automation process.

You can't make them work both the day and night shift; that'll be too much and will end up being counter-productive. Besides, it's against labor laws to subject employees to crazy work hours.

However, with an offshore team, you can give your project the extra number of hours it needs by hiring a team that has a convenient time zone different from your location. So while you sleep, operations are still ongoing on another side of the world.

Ease of scaling up or down

When working with an in-house development team, there's only so much you can achieve within the available time. If your project needs expansion, then your team will take the heat and function less effectively, or you’ll have to hit the talent market to hire more coders.

Trust us; it's one thing to hire; it's entirely another thing to get your exact needs met. Similarly, if you are scaling down, there'll be less work and more hands yet, you'll have to pay. Offshore hires make you instantly scalable and at a reduced cost too.

Your business becomes more flexible

Outsourcing your IT to offshore vendors makes it easy to focus on your core business and seamlessly take up new ones. There's no need to put your in-house team under any form of pressure, especially when they are working on a current project.

The other team can handle any new product that requires extra hands and quick attention on the other part of the world. Altogether, you'll eliminate delays and achieve faster turn around time.

You can easily manage employee exit

Sometimes, it can be hard to replace an excellent developer as tech guys are always getting better deals. These days, they dictate their terms, especially when there are competent in different areas of IT. Not only does it cost money to replace talent, but it also wastes time. This can ultimately slow down a project if the staff decides to leave when an important task is ongoing.

If you are unlucky, getting the right fit may take a while, and that means you'll have to spend more time and resources training anyone you can find on the local market. However, with the pool of talent offshore, you can take your pick without having to train or offer a mouth-watering package to convince them.

Even better, if you are lucky enough to get talents in a location with a favorable exchange rate, you can replace any deserters in the blink of an eye.  

You'll have access to highly experienced talent

Offshore outsourcing agencies are not bound to a particular zip code; therefore, they recruit globally and connect these workers to your business. They handpick the best since they are not assembling a team of developers they want to train. This way, the best software designers, coders, etc., can be at your service. Also, their wealth of experience acquired from working on various projects makes it possible for them to deliver quality jobs within your budget.

To Summarise

It’s completely untrue to say a company won't thrive with a team of in-house software developers. However, employers' resources, strategy, financial position, and, of course, expectations are different. If your company only just kicked-off, you a whole lot of cost-cutting to stay afloat.

Offshore development companies offer talent within a short notice, and at a reduced price too. Furthermore, you'll circumvent the cost of resources required to achieve tasks and the stress of managing an in-house team. Also, because outsourcing companies select from the best to satisfy clients, your software projects have a high chance of being delivered on time, with high quality, and falling within your budget.

We hope you found this article useful. Here at Cloud Employee, we assist companies looking to hire dedicated offshore developers in the Philippines across many technologies. No doubt, working with offshore developers in the Philippines is a less time consuming and cost-effective approach.

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