Few Tips to Remember before Hiring an iOS Developer

February 16, 2024

The success or failure of any mobile application project rides on the shoulders of its developers. For the case of all iPhone apps—available or will be made available on the Apple store —it all relies on the skills and expertise of iOS developers.

Of course, we all hope for success in every endeavour we venture in. That is why it is important for companies, from start-ups to more established tech firms, to discern wisely which iOS developer is best suited for their project requirements and company culture.

But before that happens, it’s important to always keep in mind these few, simple and yet very insightful tips when hiring an iOS developer. These tips are often perceived as the typical bits of advice and are often overlooked as it is considered common wisdom. These tips are not only applicable to hiring iOS developers but to all other developers that you wish to hire in the future.

Be Clear with Your Requirements

Before you start the process of recruiting your iOS developers either as a part of your in-house team or as its own or to even begin the process of developing your mobile application project, it’s important to clarify key details such as the project’s scope, timeline, and your allotted budget early on that should enable you to test, scale, and improve your iOS project.

Clarifying these key requirements will indeed limit the project but also set some realistic expectations before and during the project’s development. And this will also serve as a guide to help you define what your requirements and qualifications are, ultimately making it easier for you to choose which iOS developers are best-suited for your upcoming app project in the future.

Another helpful tip is to create a checklist of your project’s needs, and how you envision the app to be built. This will also further solidify what are the requirements and in turn, define what you expect from your iOS developers.

Keep in mind, it is also important to be really specific about what specific skills and you, as the employer, are searching for when hiring an iOS developer. Make sure that these align with your project. Basically, avoid superficiality when listing off your requirements and be more precise as this will save you time and help you narrow down your candidates.

Be Thorough When Checking an iOS Developer’s Profile

Once you have defined the requirements and desired qualifications for your iOS developer or team, you can then get started on the recruitment process.

As mentioned before, narrowing down your list of candidates saves you precious time. This is why appraising their curriculum vitae and portfolios is an effective form of cutting down to only those who are relevant and best-suited to your development project.

Evaluating their past works enables you to assess their level of expertise, depth of knowledge, and specialisations as well as their quality of work. Through this, you will further see whether they keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies related to iOS programming and development.

It’s important to be thorough and conduct a bit of research to further understand the candidates’ portfolio. This enables to formulate questions that would help you better assess which of the iOS developers would be the finest choice.

Communication and Collaboration is Key

Communication is integral as it helps to ensure the success of a project. The ability to collaborate and communicate throughout the project development proper is a necessity between your team of iOS developers and the employer, you. It is important to note the quality and frequency of communication between both parties is also of key importance.

A way to assess this is to ask their level of communication in their previous tech projects. Inquire about the frequency of communication between them and their previous employer, what were their modes of communication, were they proactive and able to give inputs throughout the duration of their previous projects?

Evaluating how candidates communicate in their previous projects are helpful indicators of how you and your team of iOS developers will be able to forge a strong working relationship. Both sides are able to be open to sharing and providing the opportunity to build an even better mobile application.


Be More Than Just Coding

Developing a mobile application is more than just coding. It is also about a functional design with the importance of the user’s experience at the forefront. This is why it’s imperative to choose developers that understand the nuances of design, utility and the testing aspect of the application.

Keep in mind, during the interview phase of recruiting iOS developers, it’s important to note whether the candidates only discuss their programming skills or if they also go in-depth highlighting the importance of their previous work’s design and overall user experiences.

It’s important to remember that better user experience is directly correlated to an increase in user engagement and, in turn, faster growth and popularity of your mobile application project and return of investment (ROI). Hiring iOS developers who take on a more customer-centric approach creates better opportunities for your mobile app project.

Ask for References and Project Testimonials

After evaluating your potential iOS development team, it’s wise to cross check with past employers and clients. Consulting with previous employers gives you an idea if your prospective developers’ professional expertise match with what they have mentioned in their portfolios and what was interviewed, as well as their reputation.

Running a thorough background check, which includes client reviews, feedbacks and testimonials, should definitely be an important part of your hiring process. Through this, you get a third party perspective which ultimately gives an objective opinion of a candidate and help you know whether a candidate fits your position or project requirement.

The process of recruiting an iOS developer is arduous and time-consuming. With these tips to guide you, it would help cut down the time it takes to hire iOS developers as you now know what specific requirements you need, which in turn, makes it easy for you to choose the right candidates Remember to hire iOS developers who are more than just programmers but are also mindful of the user’s experience, and are also communicative and collaborative. Being thorough throughout the recruitment process would ensure that you are making an informed decision when choosing your iOS development team.