Here's How You Can Hire Software Developers Painlessly

February 16, 2024

The struggle to hire software developers, as well as other specialised talents, is becoming commonplace today. The British Chambers of Commerce found in a survey that almost three-quarters of businesses are struggling to fill in their vacancies. The same survey also revealed that skills shortages reached “critical levels” in the last quarter of 2017, proving indeed that it’s harder than ever to hire skilled workers.

There are several factors that contribute to this problem. After gathering information from 5,000 UK professionals and employers, a report titled Solving the UK Skills Shortage identified the top recruitment challenges that employers face:

  • Candidates lacking sufficient experience for the role: 48%
  • Candidates lacking the right technical skills: 41%
  • Candidates lacking the right soft skills: 38%
  • Salary expectations too high: 32%
  • Competition and candidates receiving multiple job offers: 32%
  • Recruitment process taking too long: 31%

These hiring problems are predicted to persist, and so firms are looking afield for efficient alternatives. Outsourcing remains a top choice for firms looking to hire skilled talent, especially tech workers. According to PA Consulting’s 2018 UK IT Outsourcing Study, firms outsource because of reduced costs (68%) and access to resources (57%).

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Here at Cloud Employee, we work towards bridging the gap in countries like the UK, the US, and Australia. With an ever-growing database of IT professionals, Cloud Employee’s hybrid offshoring model gives you full control from recruitment to management. In this blog, we will discuss how Cloud Employee helps you hire software developers without breaking a sweat.

Tell us what you need

You begin building your outsourced development team with Cloud Employee by sending us your staffing requirements (essential skills, programming languages, and years of experience) as well as your budget. From here we immediately customise a local search for skilled and available candidates that fit your needs. We get back to you shortly with shortlist of pre-screened CVs for you to review.    

Head to the interviews and technical tests

From the shortlist you will receive, you select the candidates you want to move forward to the video interviews. Should you wish for it, we also offer full technical tests with your candidates via our testing platform. Throughout this stage, you personally conduct the interviews and the trials.

Hire software developers you want

After the interviews and the technical trials, you select the candidate/s you like best to join your team. Typically, our clients are able to find the software developers of their choice within 2-4 weeks. In case you don’t find the developer of your choice with us, there’s no obligation to move forward.

Start working with your dedicated developer

Once you hire a software developer with us, you gain a dedicated software developer or development team. They work on your business hours 5 days a week, reporting directly to you from our UK-managed offices. Additionally, they use only your tools and they work only according to your processes and standards, making them an effective extension of your in-house team.

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Enjoy hassle-free outsourcing experience

After helping you find your software developer, Cloud Employee continues to work behind the scenes to give you a hassle-free outsourcing experience. As you move forward with your offshore developer, our After Care Managers are on-site every day to aid you in whatever concerns you may have.

On top of taking care of your outsourced developers in our modern and vibrant Philippine offices, we also handle regular performance appraisals, HR and general administrative tasks, IT setup, licensing, and payroll concerns. Our business model gives you more time to focus on managing your team and growing your business.

Learn why our model works better than general IT outsourcing

Cloud Employee’s hybrid offshoring model and custom recruitment process help you avoid the risks and extra costs of traditional IT outsourcing and ensures that, above all else, you get the best of offshoring.