The Do's and Don'ts When Hiring Android Developers

February 16, 2024

The steady migration of users from computer to mobile devices is proving the power of mobile apps today. With an Android app, businesses are able to engage with all their customers at once, promote their brand, and deliver information. For this reason, hiring Android developers are becoming increasingly important. A skilled mobile app developer can help a business build their product, engage with their audience, and generate revenues.

Want to start building your Android development team? Take note of these do’s and don’ts:


Don’t: Limit your options to local developers

Do: Keep your options open

It’s common practice to prefer working with mobile app developers within your vicinity, but it’s not wise to restrict your choices to your local talent pool only. This is especially true if you’re struggling to find the Android developer you need locally.

There are professional mobile app developers offshore that can do the job for you. Whether you’re struggling to hire locally or you do not have the resources as of now to build your mobile app development team, outsourcing is a really smart alternative. You get to choose Android developers from a significantly wider talent pool while saving up on operational costs.  


Don’t: Choose price over skills

Do: Prioritise quality

It’s important to consider the costs when hiring mobile app developers or outsourced development teams. However, as you want to build a robust Android app, don’t make the mistake of hiring developers who charge unusually low prices, nor those who ask extremely high fees.

Rather than focusing on the costs, put the skills and expertise you’re looking for first. If you want a senior-level Android developer with a certain skill set to work on your product, find one and be ready to pay accordingly.

If you’re looking for development firms and IT outsourcing companies, it’s wise to compare the prices against the services they offer. Research well to avoid the risks and extra costs of working with low-quality developers.


Don’t: Give vague requirements

Do: Tell them what you really need

After you’ve hired your Android developers, you cannot expect them to start coding right away. No matter how great or experienced they are, they need to know and understand your business and your requirements first for them to be able to deliver the Android app you want.

Talk to them and make sure they understand your expectations. Android apps can be complex in nature, so brief your developers well and give them time to understand everything. Whenever possible, ask for their inputs as well and encourage collaboration and discussions.


Don’t: Disregard the product life cycle

Do: Consider the future of your app

Mobile app development is a continuous process—it doesn’t stop when the app is finally launched on the market.

After your app’s release, you need to keep your development team intact for future upgrades and bug fixes. A successful Android app is one that keeps up with the newest trends. You need to continuously make your app better by adding new features or listening to your users’ suggestions.


Don’t: Hire developers with no related experience

Do: Consider past work experience

Building an Android app is significantly easier with developers who have worked on similar mobile apps before.

During the screening process, pay attention to your candidates’ previous work experiences. What kind of mobile apps have they worked on before? Is their business similar to yours? Have they worked in the same industry?

Hiring an Android developer with knowledge in your industry, market, and customer behaviour can contribute remarkably during the development.

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Don’t: Disregard the importance of UI/UX

Do: Look for strong UI/UX skills

The most successful Android apps today are those built with the UI/UX design taken into great consideration. These apps are able to attract users because of its easy-to-navigate interface and cool looks.

This is why it’s vital for you to look for strong UI/UX skills when hiring Android developers. You’d want a mobile app that gives your end-users a pleasant experience when using your app. You’d want an engaging interface that will help you build your brand name, improve your brand reputation, and generate more traffic and revenue. You can’t do this without the help of a UI/UX expert.

Some hiring managers look for Android developers with UI/UX skills, while some hire a UI/UX developer separately. Do whatever works for your business as long as you don’t leave this department untouched.