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It is becoming increasingly difficult to hire – let alone retain – retail workers. Technological advancements have created an opportunity to overcome the biggest challenges in retail recruitment.

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We also understand and keep up-to-date on the FinTech sector, whether mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, or various new lending models. We monitor and work with accelerator and incubator programmes.

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Staffing needs, human capital management and growth are priority for every business. For healthcare providers, the additional consideration of patient outcomes can add even more weight to the gravity of the HR role.

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HR functions should consider the benefits blockchain delivers – such as trustworthy verification of counterparties’ identity without the involvement of a third-party – and then identify problems and areas of inefficiency in their existing operations.

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HR management and HR support for the transport sector and logistics sector has a wide remit with its own unique challenges. Personnel expect to work in a wide range of environments and locations, unlike any other sector.

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