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Provide us with a Job Description

You provide your Account Manager with your staffing requirements and budget. (Programming languages, years experience etc.) and we customise a local search to actively headhunt you candidates to fit your needs.


We provide a shortlist of professionals

We provide you with a short-list of pre-screened candidate CVs and portfolios to review and you select who you would like to progress to video interviews and free technical trials.


Interview and trial Developers for free

You select the perfect candidate to join your team. If we don't find what you are looking for there is no obligation to move forwar


Developers report on your working hours from our offices

Your dedicated Cloud Employee becomes a member of your in-house team working the same office hours as you. Your Account Manager is onsite to assist however your developer(s) will report directly to you each day from our offices.


Rolling contracts

We handle regular performance reviews and all local administration inclusive of licensing, permits, payroll and general HR, and provide vibrant professionally managed offices in the Philippines with the latest hardware, software and multiple high-speed Internet connections.


What You Get?

Hire a team of 3 developers and we will even provide flights and a hotel for you to take a trip to the Philippines and meet your team in person.


Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about working and growing their business with Cloud Employee.

Socialprise - Cloud Employee Review

“For what it’s worth, I’ve loved watching you guys grow and watching our team grow with Cloud Employee, you should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished :-) Thanks for being our partner.”

Sean Masters, Managing Director, Socialprise Ltd.

Sagan Marketing - Cloud Employee Review

“Everything has been fine. Ryan has been doing a great job, I am really grateful to have found him.”

Sergey Sagan, Sagan Marketing

Safelink Data Rooms - Cloud Employee Review

“The way the staff are looked after and valued, the availability of Cloud Employee management and their expertise and ability to source staff means that we would be happy to recommend them to other businesses.”

Harry Boxall, Founder and Director, Safelink Data Rooms

Rocket Dog Creative - Cloud Employee Review

Rocket Dog Creative“Aldrien has been lovely to work with, his output has been great, and I'm happy with his pace of work. The IT support helping with set-up has been fantastic.”

Aaron Russell, Managing Director & CTO, Rocket Dog Creative

ResearchBods - Cloud Employee Review

“One of the things Cloud Employee enabled us to do is work quickly to deliver our products to the market, to gain a larger market share, to get new customers, and ultimately to retain our existing customers by the new features. Our team at Cloud Employee is at the top of their game in the industry and the location that they’re in. We’re working with top talent and as a result of that, we get top results.”

David Naylor, Technical Director, ResearchBods

Pear Digital - Cloud Employee Review

“From the very start, the quality of service we've received from Cloud Employee is second to none. Two weeks down the line we now have a great relationship with a senior developer. The speed and quality of the work are outstanding and as a small business having the option to upscale with minimal risk has put us in a great position to take on more business.”

Niki Gattrell, Director, Pear Digital

Pack Smart - Cloud Employee Review

“As an SME, the ability to implement and support a robust technical infrastructure and provide software development skill sets is key to our continued growth. It was a pivotal decision to outsource offshore as well as a significant investment for the business but given the passion and dedication of employees and staff at Cloud Employee, our greatest fear ‘if remote working can actually deliver results’ are being quickly ebbed away. The technical ability, delivery and quality of work were proven well within the first month of working with Cloud Employee.”

Nick Walker, Founder & Director, Pack Smart Ltd.

Motorpilot - Cloud Employee Review

“On hearing about Cloud Employee shortly after their inception, I followed the company knowing that in the future that hiring remote developers was something we were interested in looking at. Right from the beginning the support from Cloud was great, from getting job ads out there, filtering CVs and facilitation the interviews. Since we hired Aleks nearly a year ago he has been an asset to the team and the ongoing support to both him and us has been great. We're yet to be able to visit the offices but from what Aleks tells us it's a really nice environment to be working in and there are some great perks! We're looking forward to the point where we are ready for our next hire!”

Simon Lewis, Technical Director, Motorpilot Ltd

Mercarto - Cloud Employee Review

“I feel like the talent that we’ve got with Cloud Employee actually outshines our CTO and our tech lead over in the UK because they’re so good.

Using the team out here has allowed us to go after more business. It’s helped us produce more product and services to allow us to earn more revenue.”

- Sean Brown, CEO, Mercarto

Loyalty Logistix - Cloud Employee Review

“Our Cloud Employee Account Manager was there to handle each of our individual concerns as we raised them. Since taking on our Cloud Employees, our ability to deliver product has greatly improved. We now have a fantastic team of 5 with their very own Loyalty Logistix branded office.”

Bobby Williams, Chairman, Loyalty Logistix

Kicktag Web Solutions - Cloud Employee Review

“Partnering with Cloud Employee helped provide us with talented and hard-working developers who quickly became a core part of our wider team in the UK. Our end clients have complex and changing requirements, so the agility of our Cloud Employee developers has always helped us keep up to speed. Communication and problem-solving are excellent, and the support from the wider Cloud Employee management is first class.”

Pete Ansell, Founder, Kicktag Web Solutions

Keyko - Cloud Employee Review

"The main issues we have is getting the IT staff that we need quickly and being able to develop quickly the products and services that we want to make. We’ve had some business and product ideas that we’ve been wanting to make for many years now. With our developers at Cloud Employee, we’ve been able to push those out a lot quicker, a lot sooner. And we’ve been growing our customer base because of that, which is fantastic."

Paul Baka, CEO, Keyko

IT Governance - Cloud Employee Review

"Like many organizations, we faced challenges in recruiting locally. Competing with giants like Microsoft and nimble startups for talent made hiring costly and challenging. To avoid the pitfalls of traditional staffing solutions, we sought a more controlled and reliable recruitment approach. Our partnership with Cloud Employee emerged as a solution. After meeting them in person in the UK, we were impressed. Cloud Employee’s engagement and support have helped us scale effectively, addressing  issues promptly and fostering a productive and happy workforce. Now, with a competent team in Manila, our recruitment challenges have significantly diminished, saving us time and money and allowing us to pursue more projects confidently."

Neil Acworth, Group CIO, IT Governance

Freebird Rides - Cloud Employee Review

“My biggest pain point was we have to move fast and it takes a lot to hire people. Since Cloud Employee already had some infrastructure, finding some candidates was pretty easy. I felt like I interviewed maybe 12 people in 1 or 2 weeks, which is pretty fast. And all of them were pretty qualified. As far as moving faster, and getting our app and our website like full speed ahead, Cloud Employee has helped us, absolutely. Totally expedited our development which leads in the end to the growth of our business.”

Anthony Wentzel, CTO, Freebird Rides

“Cloud Employee provided our company, Freebird Rides, with quick thinking and diligent developers. The developers were always willing to undertake new tasks and were inspired and excited to implement techniques and technologies that were new to them. Their work was always completed on time and with the utmost care and professionalism. Though we are halfway around the world their communication with us was always clear and easy to understand. We hope to work with Cloud Employee again in the future and would overwhelmingly recommend them to other tech companies.”

Danielle Thompson, Operations, Freebird Rides

EMSL - Cloud Employee Review

We've loved working Cloud Employee. They have a great set up and we know they are looking after our valuable team members. The price is right, the quality of staff is excellent and the customer care is second to none. We certainly recommend you give them a try!

Neil has greatly helped us to progress two major PHP-based projects - one involving a web-based app and an API and the other involving a web-based app. He diligently completes requested work, and makes suggestions on how to solve specific code-related problems. As well has having a solid PHP skillset, he is capable with frontend changes and JavaScript as needed. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

- Matt Skeggs, Managing Director, EMSL

CCM Ace - Cloud Employee Review

“Angelo is a polite hard working individual. He is punctual, always happy to help and follows instructions passed through to him to produce work of a good quality. The CCM team have all enjoyed working alongside Angelo and if new work became available we would happily work with him again.”

Sarah Bickley, Systems Analysis and Development Co-ordinator, CCM Ace Ltd

Altered Gene - Cloud Employee Review

“Finding reliable programmers with a passion for video games was difficult. Cloud Employee's quality of candidates, customer service, and contract terms are what most attracted me. Having been with them for 18 months now, I would be very happy to recommend them.”

Des Gayle, Video Game Producer, Altered Gene

CleanLink Software Ltd - Cloud Employee Review

"On my first day here, when I came to the office it immediately struck me what a happy office it is, everybody seems very content but also very busy. Equipment’s really good and the welfare, the facilities for the staff are excellent. That gives me peace of mind that I know my guys are happy here."

James Stringer, MD, Clean Link

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